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Licence-4.com offers training courses in English : permis d'exploitation, HACCP...

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The permis d’exploitation is a mandatory course to run a bar or a restaurant. The course duration is 20 hours.  And its time can be reduced to 8 hours to some conditions.

Discover our permis d’exploitation courses by videoconference. And find the permis d’exploitation course the most appropriate, depending on your needs and experience.

Initial permis d'exploitation course

2,5 days– 20 hours
People running a bar, a restaurant, a discotheque, a snack, a campsite, a hotel and so on.
From €600 per person

Expert permis d'exploitation course

1 day – 8 hours
Experienced bar or restaurant owners in France (10 years or more).
From €400 per person

Permis d'exploitation Renewal course

1 day – 8 hours
Renewal for permis d'exploitation expiring very soon.
From €400 per person

Permis d'exploitation Table d'hôtes

1 day – 8 hours
Special permis to serve alcohol during the meals.
From €400 per person
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Licence-4.com est un organisme de formation agréé par l'Etat

Agreed by the State:  permis

 d’exploitation and HACCP

To know everything about the course

To whom is this training addressed ?

Audience :

- Entrepreneurs or individuals taking over an establishment with a beverage license (3 or 4), a restaurant license (little or big restauration),

- Holders of an expiring permis d'exploitation license.

Prerequisites : None

Requirements :

- Proficiency in the English language

- Equipment :

  - Computer (PC/Mac/Linux) with a webcam, microphone, and headphones or speakers,

  - Tablet or smartphone,

- Software : Zoom, Windows 7 minimum, Mac OS X 10, Ubuntu 12.04

For detailed information on system requirements, please visit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAMDxH_H_Cs&ab_channel=Zoom 

Course objectives

- Understand the challenges of regulations and their impacts in terms of civil and criminal liability.

- Acquire knowledge of the obligations of a beverage establishment operator : signage, outdoor seating, video surveillance.

- Grasp the issues related to public health : alcohol, tobacco, narcotics.

Course Program

1.Introduction to the course (2006 equal opportunities Act, article L3332-4-1 of the Public Health Code)

2.Legislative and regulatory framework

-Sources of French law
-Administrative policing

3.Conditions for opening a beverage establishment or restaurant

-Classification of beverages and licenses : scope, issuance, restrictions...
-Administrative procedures

4.Operating requirements

-Establishment-related obligations
-Prevention and protection of public health
-Prevention and protection of public order

5.Other obligations

-Fire safety in establishments receiving the public (ERP)
-Audiovisual fees

6.Specific local regulations

-Opening and closing hours
-Departmental health regulations
-Municipal and prefectural specific orders (noise, opening restrictions...)

7.Social obligations

-Different types of contracts
-Working hours
-Mandatory postings
-Professional training
-Occupational risk prevention

Course modalities

- Participants welcomed in a virtual classroom conducted through Zoom, a video conferencing software,

- Shared and commented coourse support documents,

- Analysis of concrete case studies

- Practical scenarios

- Evaluation methods : end-of-training quiz

Strengths and Accreditations

- Ongoing co-facilitation by two experts : 1 legal professional and 1 manager or leader with over 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

- Trainers who simplify and make complex concepts lively and accessible,

- Anecdotes, examples, and practical cases...

- Success rate : 100%

- Satisfaction rate : 96.4%

We are approved by the State. In 2016, the Ministry of the Interior accredited us for 5 years. And in 2021, we were renewed for another 5 years.

For more information, refer to the prefectural approval portal.

Are you disabled ?

If you have a disability, feel free to contact our disability contact person, Stéphane GELY, at (33)

He will offer you a positioning interview to analyze with you any potential adaptation needs to ensure you can follow the training under the best conditions.

To learn about our commitments regarding accessibility for people with disabilities, please visit this page : https://www.licence-4.com/accessibilite-personnes-situation-handicap/. From this page, you can also download our welcome booklet and our accessibility register.

Version 4 from 30/09/2022

You want to operate an alcohol license such as a license 4, license 3, or a big and little restaurant license!

Take the distance learning permit course online, wherever you are. It is approved by the State and has been mandatory since 2007.

Your online permis d’exploitation will be issued by our organization after the course. Its validity is 10 years, in Metropolitan France and the Overseas Territories. This course is for you if you are:

A creator or acquirer of an establishment with a beverage license (3 or 4), a restaurant license (little or big),

– Holder of an expiring permis d’exploitation.


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have passed their exam and obtained their certificate

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Guarantees of Quality

Aventum est un organisme de formation agrée Qualiopi depuis 2020

We are certified Qualiopi. 

That you offer a prooved quality of service 

Licence-4.com est un marchand approuvé avec mention d'excellence par la société des Avis Garantis.

We are classified as “Excellence” Merchant,

granted by Société des avis Garantis

Frequent Asked Questions
How does an online permis d’exploitation course work ?

The online permis d’exploitation courses take place via Zoom.

You can interact with the trainers at any time, as it is a regulatory requirement. Sessions are scheduled from Monday to Wednesday or from Tuesday to Thursday, depending on the week.

Is the online operating license course legal ?

Yes. The decree of September 21, 2020, amending the decree of July 22, 2011, allows for the ongoing organization of online permis d'exploitation courses. It specifies that the courses must be co-facilitated throughout by two trainers: 1 legal expert and 1 hospitality and catering professional. For more information, refer to the decree on Legifrance.

Be wary of some competitors who offer courses conducted by a single person. This does not comply with regulations.

What is the guarantee of my registration ?

As soon as you pay online, your registration is recorded, and your spot in the course is secured.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will need to send us the transfer order before the start of the training.

I am unsure about the dates, can I reschedule my course ?

Yes, you can reschedule the course once, within a maximum of 5 weeks after the initial registration date. However, this request must be made more than a week before the start of the course.

Cancellation is accepted only in cases of force majeure. In such a situation, you just need to write to us, specifying the reasons for canceling your participation. Upon receipt of this letter/email, we will proceed with the refund.

What is the duration of the permis d’exploitation course ?

The initial permis d’exploitation is for 20 hours, spread over 2 and a half days.

Only experienced operators (10 years and more), those renewing their permis d’exploitation, and table d'hôtes operators can take the one-day course.

How can you be sure that the organization is accredited ?

Each organization holds an accreditation. Ours was obtained in January 2016 from the Ministry of the Interior. It was renewed on January 4, 2021, by the Prefecture of Haute-Garonne. Consult it

Permis d’exploitation guide

Is the permis d’exploitation mandatory ?

As you've understood, the permis d’exploitation is indeed mandatory and is essential in several cases :

1.When declaring your license at the town hall. It's important to carry out this declaration 15 days before the opening. Opening prematurely is considered an offense, and you risk a fine of 3.750 euros.

2.During the registration of your business : If you declare a bar or restaurant, the permis d’exploitation will be required. The only exception is when you open an establishment without alcohol. In this case, neither a license nor an permis d’exploitation will be required.

3.When signing the deed of purchase for a license 3 or 4 : The notary will ask for your permis d’exploitation.

What is the correct duration for my course, 8 or 20 hours ?

The initial permis d’exploitation course has a minimum duration of 20 hours, as we've seen above, and must be co-facilitated by two trainers.

Aventum offers this permis d’exploitation course over two and a half days :

- Two full days (from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm).

- And a half-day (from 9 am to 1 pm).

However, the duration of the permis d’exploitation can be reduced to 1 day in the following cases :

1.Expert permis d’exploitation : You are in this case if you have more than 10 years of experience, without holding an permis d’exploitation. Therefore, you have created your bar or restaurant before 2007 when the permis was not yet mandatory. However, you need your permis because you are opening/taking over a business, transferring a license, etc.

2.Permis d’exploitation renewal : You are in this case if your permis d’exploitation is expiring. Therefore, you must attend a course to renew it for the next 10 years.

3.Permis d’exploitation table d’hôtes : You are in this case if you want to serve alcohol in your table d'hôte. This one-day permis only allows you to operate this activity. If you plan to create a reception room with a license 3 or 4, the complete 2.5-day permit will be required.

Do I really need the permis d'exploitation ?

Not necessarily. The permis d’exploitation will be required if you apply for a license to serve alcohol on-site. There are two types :

1.Liquor licenses : License 4 is the most well-known, known as the full license. License 3 allows you to serve alcohol up to group 3. Both licenses allow you to serve alcohol on-site or for takeout, with or without meals. Therefore, they can be used for a bar, as well as a restaurant or snack.

2.Restaurant licenses : There are two levels. The small restaurant license allows you to serve up to group 3. The Restaurant license allows you to serve any type of alcohol ... accompanying a meal.

Are you only selling for takeout ? You will need a specific permis d’exploitation called PVBAN, only if you sell or deliver alcohol between 8 pm and 8 am.

If you don't sell alcohol, know that you no longer need a license. This has been the case since June 1, 2011. Therefore, you don't need a license if you're creating a smoothie bar or a coffee shop.

What are the professionals who need to obtain the permis d’exploitation ?

You are in this situation if you are creating or taking over :

- a bar, a nightclub, a cabaret : the permis d’exploitation is then required when declaring the opening, mutation, translation/transfer of my license 3 or 4,

- a restaurant or a snack : the permis d’exploitation is then required when declaring the opening of my restaurant license or small restaurant license. It is also required if I declare the mutation of a license 4,

- a table d'hôtes : the permis d’exploitation is then required when declaring the opening of my restaurant license,

- a night grocery store : the permis to sell alcoholic beverages at night (PVBAN) is then required.

What is the connection between the permis d’exploitation and the license ?

Many people think that their permis d’exploitation is tied to a license. Essentially, they might take a course for a license type 4. Operating a type 3 license would then require them to take a new course. Know that this is COMPLETELY FALSE.

We often compare the permis d’exploitation to a driver's license. It is mandatory to operate one or more licenses.

So, if I have multiple establishments, I can have a single permis d’exploitation. However, I must oversee the operation of these establishments. As soon as my network is too large to be managed by a single person, permis d’exploitation will be required for the actual operators.

Is my permis d’exploitation perishable ?

Yes, your permis d’exploitation does have a limited lifespan. It is valid for 10 years. At the end of this period, you will need to renew your permis d’exploitation. To do so, you must undergo a minimum of 6 hours of course, usually in a one-day session.

The purpose of this update is to cover regulatory changes since the initial permis. Indeed, the operating rules of an establishment can undergo significant changes.

What are the consequences if you don't renew your permit on time ? Legally, you may face significant fines, potentially up to 3.750 euros. In practice, you are likely to be asked to undergo the renewal as soon as possible.

If you don't sell alcohol, know that you no longer need a license. This has been the case since June 1, 2011. Therefore, you don't need a license if you're creating a smoothie bar or a coffee shop.

Who can issue an permis d’exploitation ?

To issue an permis d’exploitation, training organizations must be accredited by the State and comply with a framework defined by the Public Health Code.

Aventum is one of the accredited organizations. We obtained our accreditation in 2016 from the Ministry of the Interior, and it was renewed in January 2021 by the Haute-Garonne Prefecture. Its validity is for 5 years.

Please note that organizations must conduct training sessions that are co-led by two trainers.

After obtaining the permis, what formalities should be completed ?

You have completed your permis d’exploitation course and obtained your license ? What formalities should you undertake ? 

Firstly, head to the town hall in your operating location. The service may vary from one town hall to another. In many cases, it is the municipal or administrative police that manages licenses. In other municipalities, it could be the civil registry, general affairs, or regulations...

Note that in Paris, it is not the town hall but the Police Prefecture that manages licenses.

You must fill out form CERFA 11542*05 to complete this formality. In addition to this form, you must provide:

- Your identification document (ID card or residence permit),

- An occupancy title (commercial lease, property title),

- Your permis d’exploitation,

- In many cases, a Kbis,

- This declaration must be submitted at least 15 days before the opening of the establishment. Failure to comply with this waiting period can result in a fine of up to 3.750 euros. It is an offense.

To confirm your declaration, the town hall must provide you with a declaration receipt. This is form CERFA 11543. Be attentive, if the agent needs to have this document signed by an elected official, follow up if you haven't received anything in the coming days. Indeed, the waiting period starts from the date of declaration. And what attests to this declaration is this document.

Within three days of your declaration, the town hall sends the complete copy of your declaration to the prefecture.

You would like to know more about the permis d’exploitation ! Check out these articles.

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