Agreed by the State and Quality certifed

On all our training courses : from €350.00*

* valid only until Monday October 02, 2023. 1 day permitted rate

Licence-4.com offers training courses in English : permis d'exploitation, HACCP...

On all our training courses : from €350.00*

* valid only until Monday October 02, 2023. 1 day permitted rate

Agreed by the State and Quality certifed


All our permis d'exploitation courses

The permis d’exploitation is a mandatory course to run a bar or a restaurant. The course duration is 20 hours.  And its time can be reduced to 8 hours to some conditions.

Discover our permis d’exploitation courses by videoconference. And find the permis d’exploitation course the most appropriate, depending on your needs and experience.

Initial permis d'exploitation course

2,5 days– 20 hours
People running a bar, a restaurant, a discotheque, a snack, a campsite, a hotel and so on.
From €500 per person
(instead of €600,00)

Expert permis d'exploitation course

1 day – 8 hours
Experienced bar or restaurant owners in France (10 years or more).
From €350 per person
(instead of €400,00)

Permis d'exploitation Renewal course

1 day – 8 hours
Renewal for permis d'exploitation expiring very soon.
From €350 per person
(instead of €400,00)

Permis d'exploitation Table d'hôtes

1 day – 8 hours
Special permis to serve alcohol during the meals.
From €350 per person
(instead of €400,00)
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Source : Avis Garantis

Licence-4.com est certifié Qualiopi

Agreed by the State:  permis

 d’exploitation and HACCP

To know everything about the course

Who is this course for ?

Audience :

Prerequisite : Nothing

Conditions : 

  • english language fluency
  • equipments:
    -computer (PC/Mac/Linux) with a webcam, a microphone and headset or loudspeakers,
    -tablet or smartphone,
  •  softwares : Zoom, Windows 7 minimum, Max OX 10, Ubuntu 12.04

Find more information on Zoom meeting :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAMDxH_H_Cs&ab_channel=Zoom 

Learning objectives
  • Understanding the regulation challenges and its impacts on civil and criminal liabilty
  • Knowing the obligations for a bar or restaurant owner : display, terraces, videosurveillance...
  • Understanding the Public Health challenges for a bar/restaurant owner (alcohol, tobacco, drugs...)
Learning programme
  • Legislative and Regulatory Framework

    • Sources of law and their enforcements :
    • Administrative and judiciary organisation
    • Civil and criminal liability of the legal or natural people
    • Offences and Infractions, endangering the lives of others
    • General and special administrative police

    Opening conditions

    • Beverage classification and licences : scope, issue, restrictions…
      • Beverage classification and licences scope
      • Licence issues conditions
      • Restrictions linked to a licence : quotas, protected areas, expiratory date
      • Licence life : transfer, translation, mutation
      • Administrative procedure
      • Licence administrative declaration
      • Company registrations and other formalities
      • Chambre d’hôte (bed and breakfast) specificitiesAdministrative declaration
    • Administrative declaration

    Obligations linked to the Establishment

    • Disclosure and display (through notice requirements). – Trade practice
      • Price labelling and information requirements, alcoholic beverage display
      • Allergens labelling requirements
      • Refusal to sell or to provide service
      • Deceitful or unfair practices
      • Fait Maison (Homemade) Mention
    • Operating a pavement café on the Public Highway
    • Video surveillance

    Public Health prevention and protection

    • Alcohol on the Bars and Restaurants
      • Alcohol effects : addiction, physical and psychological effects
      • Public Intoxication (public drunkenness)
      • Operator responsibilities
      • Minor’s protection to face the alcohol risk
      • Pregnancy and alcohol
      • Advertising and alcohol
    • Tobacco in the HCR
      • Tobacco resale
      • Anti-smoking law
    • Narcotics
    • Law and Order prevention and protection
      • Fight against noise pollution
      • Games and lottery regulation

    Other obligations

    • Fire Protection and Security      
    • Discrimination
    • Background music playing and TV licences

    Local regulation

    • Opening and closing hours
    • Règlement Sanitaire Départemental (sanitary rule)

    Miscellaneous :

    • Labour laws
    • Hiring
    • Contract Types
    • Work duration
    • Mandatory display
    • Vocational training
    • Unique document for the assessment of risks caused by interfering working activities
Learning modalities
  • Virtual classroom with Zoom, videoconference system,
  • Shared and commented slides,
  • Case studies
  • Role play
  • Evaluation modalities : final test (multiple choice questions)
Strengths and agreements
    • Course co-hosted by 2 trainers  : a lawyer and a former HCR manager, with more than 10 years of experience in this industry.
    • popularization of complex topics
    • anecdotes, examples and practical cases…
    • Success rate : 100%
    • Satisfaction rate : 96,4%

We are agreed by the State. In 2016, the Ministry of Interior agreed us for 5 years. Then, we obtained the renewal for 5 years.

For more information about our agreement, consult the prefectoral decree

You are in situation of disability

You are in situation of disability  ? Contact our Disability referent, Stéphane GELY, to =33 (0)

He will propose to you a placement meeting in order to analyse with you your needs in terms of adaptation. Our wish is to let you follow the course in the best conditions as possible.

To know our commitments in terms of accessibility for disabled people, you can consult this page (in French) : https://www.licence-4.com/accessibilite-personnes-situation-handicap/

Version 4 du 30/09/2022

You have or you need to obtain a license to run a bar or a restaurant : licence 4, licence 3, ou grande et petite licence restaurant !

Follow the permis d’exploitation course in videoconference. Join the course from your home our your office by Zoom,  wherever in the World you are.

This course is agreed by the State and mandatory from 2007.

Your permis d’exploitation you’ll be issued at the end of the course. You will receive it by secured email.  It will be valid 10 years in Metropolitan France and the overseas territorial departments (DOM-TOM.).

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Guarantees of Quality

Aventum est un organisme de formation agrée Qualiopi depuis 2020

We are certified Qualiopi. 

That you offer a prooved quality of service 

Licence-4.com est un marchand approuvé avec mention d'excellence par la société des Avis Garantis.

We are classified as “Excellence” Merchant,

granted by Société des avis Garantis

Frequent Asked Questions
How is the virtual classroom arranged ?

The permis d'exploitation course is arranged by videoconference. We are using Zoom. You'll be able to ask questions, to comment and interact with the trainers at any time.

Is the online permis d'exploitation course legal ?

Yes. The arrêté du 21 septembre 2020 modifiant l’arrêté du 22 juillet 2011 make possible the online permis d'exploitation arrangement. This regulation precises that the course must be arranged in an inteactive manner. It is co-hosted by 2 trainers : a lawyer and a professional of the HCR inductry. To know more, your can consult, l’arrêté sur Légifrance.

Is my booking guaranteed ?

As soon as you pay online, your booking will be confirmed. 

If you pay by transfer, you must send us the transfer order within the 72 hours following your registration.

I am not sure about my availability. Can I postpone the course ?

Yes. It is possible to postpone the course one time. However, the demand must be made at least 7 days before the course.

The cancellation is only accepted in case of act of god. In this case, you must write us in order to precise the reasons why you ask the cancellation.

What is the permis d'exploitation course duration ?

The permis d'exploitation course lasts 20 hours, on 2 days and a half.

1-day course is only for  people operating a license during 10 years or more, renewing their permis d'exploitation or operating a table d'hôtes.

What is the guarantee that the center is agreed ?

Each center must get an agreement. Ours was obtained first in 2016 from the Ministry of Interior, then renewed on 4 January 2021 by the  Prefecture of Haute-Garonne. Consult it

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